November Staff Picks

We’re HUMONGOUS fans of the clients we distribute and are really proud to be able to help them distribute their music to stores worldwide. Here are our November Staff Picks that we cant get enough of and have gotten us hooked!

Jorge Brea – CEO


40414-1-1.jpg.jsonAdam Bentley – Creative Designer


40413-1-1.jpg.jsonJanette Berrios – Interactive Marketing Manager


Grant Brandell – Service & Product Sales Manager


40415-1-1.jpg.jsonJulio Brea – Sales & Support Manager


40418-1-1.jpg.jsonSean Davis – Content Manager


40415-1-1.jpg.jsonLorenzo De La Cantera – Creative Designer


40412-1-1.jpg.jsonChelsea Perry – Content Curator/ Editor


40412-1-1.jpg.jsonJohn Waltmann- Client and Service Manager


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