[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We love sharing emerging tools and platforms with artists and label managers! The latest platform that we’re raving over is Ouveer! Ouveer offers 100% of sales to artists through a simple, unified marketplace for musicians and labels, creating a “one-stop-shop” for fans.

Frustrated by the ever-growing problems with artist compensation and an excess of digital platforms and offerings that have fragmented the music industry, CEO Grant Stevenson put on his work boots and began assembling a team to create a solution. Amid a dog-eat-dog digital world, and a music industry that changes quicker than your underwear, Ouveer is rising from the ashes of the artists, producers, writers, and all the talented people that comprise the world of music. Ouveer’s blood, sweat, and tears were gathered from music industry, execs, music producers, and Silicon Valley business vets to create what Jakob Kuznicki, COO (Head of Content & Branded Entertainment, Universal Music Group) calls “one heck of a platform.”

How does Ouveer benefit artists?

The benefits of Ouveer artists are lengthy, but their team places emphasis on the ability of the artists and labels use this as a business tool. Stevenson highlights “we follow the dollar, and allow artists and labels to understand and track all of their transactions to give them an edge in expanding and catering to their audiences.” Aside from the inherent features of the platform, Ouveer is going to be offering a host of services designed to keep artists in the loop about new opportunities, assist them in marketing, and a few other top secret developments. Ouveer is accomplishing much of this through their already impressive list of partners including Symphonic Distribution, Music Gateway, MondoTunes, AMFM Magazine, and several others. Ouveer’s partnership with Symphonic aims to provide their users with the outstanding line of offerings offered through their site. “We love what Symphonic does, and they offer everything an artist needs to stay competitive in the digital market,” McClanahan stated.

Here’s how Symphonic clients can get involved:

If you are an artist, label, or fan looking to get in on a new wave music platform, you can pre-register with Ouveer now by going to

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