How to Plan a Release Party on a Budget

You’re about to release a project that you’ve been working on for months and you couldn’t be more excited, but you’re worried that with your indie artist budget, you won’t be able to afford a release party.

No matter how big or little your budget is, we’re going to make sure you throw the most memorable release party! Whether you’re releasing a full-length studio album or a single, a release party is a great way for getting your fans, and potential fans, excited about what’s to come!

Planning a release party isn’t that much different than a gig. A lot of the behind-the-scenes details are similar but what happens at the event is what sets things apart.

We’ve put together the ultimate checklist for independent artists who want to throw a release party on a budget!

Throwing a release party doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money if you do it the right way. This event is meant to be fun with a chill atmosphere so think outside of the box.

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THROW THE ULTIMATE PARTY The Ultimate Checklist for Throwing a
Release Party on a Budget