How to Promote Your Gigs on Spotify

Promoting upcoming gigs should be a no brainer to you. You want to fill the venue with all of your fans and even potential ones!

Here’s how you can promote your gigs on Spotify:

Spotify has partnered with Ticketmaster, Songkick, Eventbrite, and AXS to promote and recommend your concerts to fans on Spotify.

All you have to do is list a concert with one of them. Spotify will automatically display it on Spotify for listeners in the cities you’re playing—in the Concerts section of Browse and on your artist profile, right under your most popular tracks. Spotify will also include it in our biweekly concert recommendation emails. When fans decide to buy tickets, Spotify will take them right to the ticketing partner’s website.

The best way to make sure your fans never miss a show is to ask them to follow you on Spotify.

Your followers are like your mailing list. When you’re coming to town, they’re the first ones we tell.

Head to Concerts in Spotify for Artists to see all the concerts you have on Spotify—plus the number of followers and listeners you have in each city you’re playing.

All the concert info Spotify has comes from their ticketing partners. So you’ll need to contact them directly—or have the promoter contact them—to report mistakes. If you have a mismatch or other problem with your artist IDs, reach out to Spotify.

You can also use Songkick Tourbox if you don’t have a concert with any of our partners. They make it easy to list a show—and once it’s in their system it automatically gets added to Spotify’s.

Don’t have access to Spotify for Artists? Go here to get access and see your full concert listings on Spotify.

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