Promoting Music Internationally – The Right Way

If you’re promoting music online, you’re probably encouraging listeners to purchase using links to iTunes and Amazon. On top of that, you’re probably using the Amazon Associates and iTunes Affiliate Programs to earn money from your referrals (but if not, you should be). The process should be that they click your iTunes or Amazon link, go to the music you’re promoting, purchase it, then rock out all night long.

Seems pretty straight forward, right?

Sadly, not so much. It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting music from your website, blogs, social media, or elsewhere, most marketing channels inherently have an issue that you may not even be aware of – something we call the Purchasing Gap.

The basic gist is that your fans click your links from any number of devices, with various operating systems, from all over the world. Unfortunately, online music stores, like iTunes and Amazon, are actually country/region and device-specific. If you send listeners to the wrong storefront, a storefront that doesn’t work with their device or credit card, then the probability of them going through with that purchase is slim to none.

For example, if someone using an Android phone or tablet clicks your iTunes link, you just lost out on a potential sale because Android users can’t directly purchase from iTunes. Not good.

On top of that, due to digital rights licensing (among other things), fans can only purchase digital tracks in the same country their credit card is based. This means if you send a German user to, they won’t be able to purchase because they can only buy digital music downloads from

Okay, so it’s really difficult to cater to every one of your listeners!

While using lots of different links might be a solution, it quickly gets really confusing for your audience and might look something like this:

Digital Music Distribution, sell your music online

“Wait… where do I click?

So – if you’re promoting music that spans countries, devices, and storefronts, you’re probably curious how to ensure your fans can make a purchase with their existing account, in their local currency, language, and from the device they are currently using.

Further, if you’re using a fragmented affiliate program like Amazon’s, you may also be asking how to make sure you’re using the correct parameters to earn commissions from those international sales. Great questions.

Luckily, Geniuslink has a solution to these challenges in the form of a single link. Our “Genius Links” can be targeted differently based on a listener’s geographic location, device, operating system and even date. After adding in your affiliate parameters to the Geniuslink dashboard all you need to do is paste your iTunes or Amazon link into our Link Creator, add in optional custom scenarios, then grab the globalized link and paste it anywhere you want to promote your music.

Digital Music Distribution, sell your music online

These Genius Links help you ensure every click quickly makes it to the appropriate purchase destination, with the relevant affiliate parameters attached, so your fans end up exactly where they want – in the most convenient place to buy your music. They can then enjoy your new tunes and you end up with some money in your pocket. Everyone wins.

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Guest Post by Jesse Lakes
CEO / Co-Founder from Geniuslink

About Geniuslinkt: Geniuslink was born in early 2009, initially as a spin off from one of the team’s many earlier endeavors – creating extreme sports soundtrack websites (,, using the iTunes Affiliate Program and the Amazon Associates Program. Geniuslink was founded on the basic principle that affiliate marketing should be profitable and accessible on a global scale. Unfortunately, at the time it was anything but. In fact, when it came to earning commissions from those international sales, the Internet was simply, broken.