How to Protect Your Instagram Content

In late 2017, Instagram released a new feature that has potential to disrupt the video technology landscape. We know that a lot of artists like to post behind-the-scenes videos, clips of music videos, and other pieces of content with music so we want to help you to protect your Instagram content.

As you may or may not know, Instagram is owned by Facebook and with their help, Instagram’s new protection policies will compete with some of the top video hosting platforms like YouTube.

This might drive some artists to solely post on Instagram and stay away from others who do not have an established form of automated copyright protection, like Snapchat – no shade, we love Snap!

We’ve put together everything you need to know about Rights Manager for Instagram and how to use it to protect your content!

So, what exactly is Rights Manager? This tool was initially launched by Facebook in 2015 to help video creators protect their content.

Here’s how to start protecting your Instagram content:

  • Submit your content through an approved Facebook/Instagram partner
  • Once your content is ingested into the Rights Manager, it will works similarly to YouTube’s Content ID system
Before you decide to submit your content, keep in mind that:
  • Instagram users will only be able to apply the Permit (Monitor) or Block policies to their video. You cannot monetize your videos on Instagram yet.
  • Protection policies only apply to videos that appear on the Feed, Explore page, or in a Live video. You cannot protect your Stories at this time.
  • Rights Manager does work for both public and private profiles.

Don’t limit yourself to protecting your content on one platform. You worked hard to create it, don’t let someone steal it. Currently, Symphonic does not offer content protection for Instagram but we do offer YouTube Monetization.