Publishing Contracts for Music Producers

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Here’s everything you need to know about publishing contracts for music producers!

There are about 5 publishing contracts that music producers should be aware of. From master track licenses for TV and film to non-exclusive recording contracts, Symphonic Distribution has got you covered.

Master Track License (for TV & Film)

Contract by which an owner of copyright grants a non-exclusive right to record, dub and synchronize the Master with TV programs, films, advertisements and trailers, and to exhibit distribute, exploit, market and perform the MASTER embodied within the Programs.

Licensing Agreement for Certain Recordings

Agreement under which an artist assigns recording copyrights (on an album) to a label for defined period of time (7 years from the date of release).

Label will account fifty percent (50%) of net profits after recording, promotional, manufacture, distribution, legal and accounting costs are recouped. For synchronization usages the royalty will be of seventy-five percent (75%) and the artist is allowed to procure his/her own licenses provided it pays ten percent (10% gross) to label for any income generated from such licenses.

This is a flexible contract for a label looking to license particular recordings but do not wish to tie up an artist as a recording/performing artist exclusively for a number of years or for a number of releases. It can be used as a trial agreement before moving on to an exclusive recording type of arrangement.

Publishing Agreement For Certain Compositions

An agreement under which a songwriter assigns the copyright in certain songs (listed in contract) to a publisher for a limited period, in return for which the publisher arranges for the exploitation of the songs (although the agreement does not absolutely oblige it to exploit), collects the income from such licensing and accounts to the writer for an agreed share of that income.

Music Publishing Contract

As a songwriter, you may be interested in business, but your talents are best spent in creating. However, someone needs to take care of business, and that’s where the publishing industry came from. When a publisher makes a standard deal with a songwriter, it will find users for the content, issue licenses, collect money and pay the writer(s) conditions of which will be included in the publishing contract.

Non-Exclusive Recording Contract

Agreement under which an owner of copyrights grants a license to a company to procure usage for the content (i.e. recordings and compositions) in the form of synchronization licenses. Such synchronization licenses are granted to various content users such as TV , film and video games producers. Thanks to the non-exclusive basis of the agreement the copyright owner (i.e. the party granting the license) is allowed to license the same content to other companies during the term of the agreement.

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