Selling your Music on Addictech – Tools & Tips is a popular online music store with a loyal customer base and exclusive content not found anywhere else. The brand sells FLAC, MP3, and WAV files using the LAMP solution stack. Addictech is the brainchild, blood, sweat, and tears of a small team of music addicts, bolstered with an ever-expanding collection of the world’s most innovative electronic music artists and labels.

Promotional Opportunities
Featured Releases

In order to be considered for an Featured Release placement, the release must be a 2 week exclusive. (2 week exclusive meaning that no store can sell the release for a period of 2 weeks). To also increase your changes, we suggest that you deliver material to us for approval 2-3 weeks prior to the release date. When sending the feature, be sure to write out that you’d like for to feature it and list out for how long and/or when you’d like for it to be featured.

Exclusive Releases Receive:

If you’re release is something that wants to feature then you will receive a permanent release feature as well as the possibility of a front page feature! In addition, you receive promotion via their mailing list, forums, and social networks.

You Can Help Too!

If you’d like, you can also communicate your release (whether upcoming and/or already released), directly to You can do this by going here and be sure to mention that you are a Symphonic Distribution label for them to be on the lookout!

How do I get a banner for my minisite and product pages? has the ability to place a banner up on your label and product pages. We can design the banner for a cost however, if you prefer to design your banner – please use the template found in this package.

Their graphic file format is .jpg – if you do not have art in .jpg format we will need to download, convert, and upload it again which will cause delays in publishing. Please email the banner to when you have completed the banner to finalize the formation of your minisite.