4 Free Tools to Understand Your Social Media Fans

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Crafting your social media posts to your audience can help to boost your overall brand by increasing engagement and impressions. Going the extra step to understand your fans will make a huge difference in your digital marketing efforts.

Understanding your social media fans is essential to executing a successful social media strategy.

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Let’s explore 4 free tools that you can use to understand your social media fans.

If you’re active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter then keep reading!


Audience Insights is the most powerful tool to help you understand your Facebook Page. This tool is hidden within Facebook Ads Manager.

Under the “Demographics” section, you can learn the following info about your fans:

  • Age and gender distribution
  • Lifestyle
  • Relationship status
  • Education level
  • Job title

Under the “Page Likes” section, you can discover:

  • Top languages
  • Top countries
  • Top cities

Audience Insights also shows you the activities that your fans take part in, their device usage, and purchase behavior.

Besides knowing your fans’ interests, behavior, and demographics, you can also find out when they are using Facebook.

Facebook’s Page Insights has a section called “When Your Fans Are Online”, where you can see how many of your fans are active on a given day. The “Times” section shows you how many of your fans are active during each hour.

When your fans are online

This is great data to use to find the best times to post on Facebook.


Instagram has really glowed up within the past few years. With a business profile, you can really dig into the data and uncover who your fans are. Instagram Insights, Instagram’s free native analytics tool, can help you to do just that!

To access Instagram Insights, tap on the analytics button (it looks like a chart), scroll down to the “Followers” section, and hit “See more”.

Instagram Insights can give you the same data as Facebook’s Audience Insights, except for interests.


Twitter Analytics provides overall information about your fans, your organic audience, and your tailored audiences. Some of the key information that you can get from the various sections are:

  • Interests
  • Gender and age
  • Location
  • Buying styles

Followeronk is an amazing Twitter tool that provides more data than Twitter Analytics and it’s FREE! This tool can gather information on your fans most active hours, a world cloud of their bios, and more.

Understanding who your social media fans are can help you to create the right content for them, boost your engagement, and increase your reach. By using these free social media tools, you can ingest so much data for free.

If there are any other free social media tools out there that you love, comment below with them!

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