SoundCloud signs licensing deal to pay independent labels for music streams

Symphonic’s partner MERLIN has just announced the new Soundcloud Monetization deal. Stay tuned for some announcements as integration is already underway with songs getting monetized daily!

SoundCloud has struck a deal with licensing agency Merlin that it says will help independent labels start making money from plays of their songs on the streaming service.

It’s a significant partnership for SoundCloud, since Merlin negotiates streaming deals on behalf of more than 20,000 labels and distributors, including well-known labels such as Beggars Group, Domino, Ninja Tune and Warp Records.

These labels will now be able to make money from the service’s On SoundCloud initiative – which involves running advertisements around its partners’ audio, and sharing the revenues with them – in the US, as well as elsewhere in the world once it expands globally.

The scheme launched in August 2014, and has since paid out more than $2m to 100 partners, consisting of individual artists as well as labels – including major label Warner Music Group.

Merlin-affiliated labels will also be able to access new content-management tools on SoundCloud, including the ability to track how their music is being listened to (and uploaded) by fans on the service, which claims 175 million monthly listeners.

“SoundCloud has carved out a niche not only in functionality but also, I think, in terms of its users and where it sits in the market. This is not another service aiming to be a ‘silver bullet’ for the music industry,” Merlin chief executive Charles Caldas told the Guardian.

“The labels we represent perform particularly well on SoundCloud … It is a meeting point between people who are fans of new music in general, and a lot of adventurous people who are active in the way they curate that music.”

Full article here.

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