SoundCloud Integrates Soundscan & Billboard

We’re bringing you the latest industry news about SoundCloud’s integration with Soundscan and Billboard!

Last month, SoundCloud’s US ad-supported and subscription streaming activity for monetized content was included in Nielsen’s Music Connect dashboard, under the ‘Other’ category.

In addition, SoundCloud on-demand plays will also be added to the data that informs the Billboard Hot 100 and other genre hybrid songs charts, in addition to the Billboard 200 consumption-based albums chart. Chart inclusion will be effective with data for the week ending October 20 (impacting Billboard charts dated November 5).

The on-demand plays represent streams from the SoundCloud Go subscription platform along with ad-supported streams of official, identified tracks for monetization in the ad-supported tier.

SoundCloud’s On-Demand streams will now be part of:

Billboard Hot 100
Billboard 200
Hot Country Songs
Hot Rock Songs
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs
Hot Rap Songs
Hot R&B Songs
Hot Dance/Electronic Songs
Hot Latin Songs
Hot Christian Songs
Hot Gospel Songs
Streaming Songs
On-Demand Songs

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