We’re back again with another spotlight! This time we’re showing love to Anasia.

ANASIA (Leanna Primiani), a classical composer/conductor, is best known for her innovative orchestral and chamber works for the concert stage. ANASIA expands her range even further by fusing orchestral, dark ambient, post-minimal and electronic dance music (EDM) elements in her first solo studio album, 5MICE. The album is inspired by the conceptualism of Brian Eno, the minimalist style of Philip Glass and the downtempo electronic trip-hop sounds of deadmau5. Combining five elements of EDM-inspired sounds, bespoke sound design elements, with a small chamber ensemble (flute, oboe, clarinet, violins, violas, celli, kbs, piano and small percussion), ANASIA creates an entirely new take on the EDM, ambient and classical genres. Her interest in electronic programming and digital effects, combined with her unique orchestral compositional voice, makes for a moody and propulsive sound that can be characterized as the ‘hybrid electronic/orchestral music for the next generation while creating a new sound for electro-classical music.

ANASIA fuses orchestral, dark ambient, post-minimal and EDM elements in her debut EP 5MICE.

Get 5MICE now: http://bit.ly/ANASIAiTunes

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