Streaming Your Music on Apple Music

In 2015 Apple launched their new music service, Apple Music, a new on-demand service that will go head-to-head with competitors like Spotify, Google Play, and Rdio. In order to have your music on the new platform, the only requirement is for you to have your music on iTunes already. If you’re distributing your music with Symphonic Distribution, then you should be good to go!

In addition, artists will now be able to claim their profiles, by using the Apple Music Connect. Connect is Apple Music’s bridge between artists and fans. With Connect, artists can share songs, photos, lyrics, videos, and more. Fans can comment on, like, and share that content through Messages, Facebook, Twitter, and email.

New Guidelines and Marketing Assets

Apple now has a new set of logo assets and brand guidelines. This should replace any existing logo kits you may already have. These new badges will allow for a clean way to direct music fans to Apple Music, the iTunes store, or both together.

Check out their guidelines here.

Claiming your Apple Music Profile

1. Click on the “Learn more about Connect for artists” link then on “Get Started
2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password
3. Click on the “+” sign for adding an artist and search for your artist name
4. Select your role (artist, band member, manager) and fill out the fields. If you don’t have a manager or label, just enter your own information for both.
5. Click “Submit”
6. You will soon receive an email confirmation

Once your submission is approved you can log back in and start updating your artist profile!

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Apple Music Connect and Socials

Please be aware that updating and uploading audio and video onto Connect on Apple Music can only be done via an iOS device and is not possible via desktop. For more details about Apple Music Connect, please go to

You can also find a How to Use Connect document online here which is a handy Best Practices document.

The easiest way to create links and access badge art for Apple Music is to use Link Maker . You will be able to access badge art and get information about Apple Music, and brand guidelines on their resource site.

Existing links to artists, albums, and songs, previously opening to the iTunes Store, will now open to Apple Music. The easiest way to create a new link to the iTunes Store is by searching for the artist, album, or song in Link Maker. You can also alter your existing links to artists, albums, and songs to directly link to the iTunes Store by simply appending “app=itunes” to any of your existing links as shown here, making sure to use a “?” to separate the link from the parameters.

If you already have an affiliate account, you can use your existing affiliate token to link to Apple Music and earn commissions. Please note that you can only earn commission on either Apple Music memberships or qualified sales in the iTunes Store—not on both using the same link. Learn more.

Here are some guidelines for tagging Apple Music in social media marketing:

• Specify “Apple Music” in your copy or use the #AppleMusic hashtag in social media copy
• Apple no longer uses “iTunes” social handles for any music social activity

Connect with Apple Music //


Notifications from Connect to fans

There will be no notifications going out to fans that have followed an artist on Connect when an artist adds new content / releases a new track or album. Fans would have to go and check.

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