How to Submit Songs to Music Blogs

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] We had the chance to have Ray Roa, Music Editor for Creative Loafing, be a part of Music Industry Sessions’s panel “Branding & Marketing for Independents”. He talked about digital marketing tips for indie artists, how to submit songs to music blogs, and more. Below he shared key items to keep in mind when reaching out and engaging with media sources.

Here are his tips on how to submit songs to music blogs:

Be nice 
and clean

Pay attention to the size of your email. Is it going to automatically land in a spam box. Make sure your release is concise, to the point with links to appropriate assets in 
plain view.


Include a small one in the email, mind the KBs. Include links to print and web ready photo assets, such as album art/band photos, landscape and portrait orientation, and print assets should be at least 300 DPI apprx. 2-3MB.


How are you delivering songs? I say never attach MP3s, instead include streaming links with the options to stream single or stream album.


What intro are you sharing? Intro-ing the band itself? Specific piece of work? Tour dates/event happening locally?

No matter what, your release should provide brief background upfront and make sure it links to more bio info deeper into the email.

As lazy as it sounds, you have to make sure your release is in AP style (assuming your contact is using it on their site). 
Make sure that it is good enough to copy and paste 
and follows traditional post format, including nutgraf, 
supporting Copy, and media.

Make sure your follow up schedule is organized.

Most publications need as much advance as possible for events. 
Know the deadlines for print outlets and be ahead of them, making sure the 
contact doesn’t need any additional info/assets.

Imagine you are an automated lead nurturing email system.
 Follow up initial email after a week or so and make sure you are touching base with increasing frequency as the important date gets closer.


This varies with each contact, some media like to be reminded while others do not. Make sure you know the difference and have it marked in the lead nurturing system/your notes.

Get to know your media contacts (we get to know you/your PR) as the relationship goes on. Communicate openly re: deadlines, expectations 
NO’s are okay. In fact, they’re awesome because you know to kill that 
pitch and move on to another contact or rev up for the next one.

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