The Network Music Conference x Symphonic Distribution


Symphonic Distribution is excited to announce that we will be at The Network Music Conference (TNMC) in Orlando, Fl on Saturday, Nov. 19!

The Network Music Conference is entering its 6th and largest year to date! This event was created to benefit and empower students, aspiring artists, creative minds, musicians as well as many small businesses throughout the Greater Orlando area with out the traditional high cost of most conferences.

Their mission is to share information; experiences, advice and powerful connections to individuals who strive to make a living in the music and entertainment industry. TNMC showcase all aspects of the music and film business to illustrate the broad spectrum of the entertainment industry through our interactive events. This includes panels, one on one’s, meet & greets, workshops and much more! Our goal is to encourage every person who has a passion for music, the business, and entertainment to make their dream a reality.

Patrick Zajda, Symphonic’s Artist & Label Rep, will be a part of a panel discussing how to generate revenue in today’s music industry. If you’d like to schedule a meeting, welcome to do so here.


For more information, visit TNMC’s site here.
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