Top 5 Distributed Videos in June


Symphonic Distribution delivers your music video(s) to the top video sites. We’ve put together the top official videos that we distribute from our clients below! Be sure to check out various other video material on your YouTube! Do you want your own video production created? We can do that too! Click here for details to create an original music video and more!

1. Kasino Enwhy – “Heavens Favorite”
Follow Kasino Enwhy – Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

2. DJ NYK – “Living Kings”
Follow DJ NYK – Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

3. Tiger Tooth – “Tiger Asylum”
Follow Tiger Tooth – Twitter | SoundCloud

4. Tazz EM’C – “Dead Wrong ft. Cyclone The Lyricist”
Follow Tazz EM’C – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

5. Kym Simon – “Myself To Blame”
Follow Kym Simon – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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