Top Platforms to Distribute Your Music Video To

So you’ve decided to make a music video to help market your music- You’re probably wondering “Where do I even Begin?” and “Where should I have the video placed!?”

We’ve gathered the top sites that you should have your video distributed to and what these companies do.


Vevo has become the leading music video powerhouse in the music video industry for upcoming and mainstream artists. If you have a well-produced music video, Vevo is a great platform for marketing your music. Your video distributor is able to create a Vevo branded YouTube channel and Vevo artist profile on your behalf. To do so, you will need to have available:

• Your desired channel name (max 20 characters, must include “VEVO” at the end and no special characters are allowed)
• High-resolution publicity photo
• Official Website and social media URLs. If you do not have or use social media, you should!
• YouTube Banner that follows the image size guidelines set by YouTube here

All of these elements put together along with your music video itself helps build yourself as an artist and a brand.


Not only is iTunes one of the largest download stores, but they also feature music videos. Your music video will go in the iTunes store for sale under your artist catalog, as well as be available for streaming on Apple Music.


Noted as Jay Z’s popular music streaming service, Tidal is also known as the first High Fidelity music streaming service with High Definition music videos and Curated Editorial. TIDAL is available in more than 46 countries, with a more than 36 million song catalog and nearly 86,000 high-quality videos – another reason why you should definitely be in the platform.

Some additional items you should have for your Tidal profile are:
• A short artist biography
• Facebook and Twitter links
• High-resolution publicity photo


Although it is a bit of a chore to get on this platform due to their requirements for closed captioning, Amazon is one of the most popular brands on the internet. Symphonic has been able to place music videos, original series, and much more for folks to view if they are Amazon Prime members or Amazon Video subscribers. This is yet another great platform to help promote your music video!

Noiseporn Network

Noiseporn is an industry leading music blog providing music fans with the latest news, interviews, music, videos, and more! By having your music video on this platform on Roku, Apple TV, iPhone, Chromecast, and more, you are able to get your material to the masses!

Other Networks

Symphonic Distribution also has the capability of pitching your material to MTV’s networks, Revolt, BET, and much more as a special upgrade. Broadcast Television platforms are different than Streaming Platforms in that you are actually paying to pitch your music video to those networks. It is not guaranteed that your video will be selected for placement BUT if your video is selected, it is guaranteed to get you as an artist more exposure, which can lead to more sales of your music!

We hope these simple tips give you have a better idea on the major platforms that you should definitely be distributing your music video too!

If you wish to deliver your music videos, make sure to check out our Video Distribution service for only $95, which helps you deliver your to all these major sites + earn you revenue while doing so.
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