Top Dance Music Conferences to Attend

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] If you’ve never attended a music conference, you’re missing out on exclusive opportunities to expand your knowledge of the dance music industry, as well as opportunities to experience the electrifying nightlife of each conference. These events offer heart-pumping performances, and spectacular networking connections to propel your enthusiasm.

We put together the top dance music conferences you’ll want to attend at least once in your lifetime!


edm biz

EDM Biz is a culturally thriving dance music conference held each year since 2011. EDM Biz features elite networking opportunities, and captivating panelist discussions such as, sponsorship, social media, branding, as well as potential business opportunities not to be missed out on. It is notorious for having top-notch productions and the most popular dance music and artists to date. EDM Biz proves to be the ultimate venue for dance music phenoms to cultivate their craft and kick-start a lucrative career in the industry.

Average cost of attendance
: $149-$399 | Click here for more info!

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

With over 2,000 artists, more than 450 events, and 115 venues, Amsterdam Dance Event is a profound platform for music business acquisition and creative awakening concerning electronic music. It is an integration of music industries worldwide, featuring some of the most notorious artists of the world, as well as up surging talents. ADE has upheld and surpassed its attendants’ expectations every year since 1996.

Average cost of attendance
: $300-$800 | Click here for more info!

IMS Engage

Devoted to creating awareness and recognition for electronic music, International Music Summit is perceived as “the premiere platform for thought and leadership in electronic music.” IMS Engage first takes place in April in Hollywood, California. Then, in Ibiza in May, and finally,
China is held in the fall. Awarded the Top Electronic Music Debates of All Time by Beatport, IMS aims to pave an esteemed path in the future of electronic music.

Average cost of attendance
: $200-$280 | Click here for more info!

Rio Music Conference

Rio Music Conference

One of the largest gatherings in South America to celebrate electronic music, RMC is the premiere event for nightlife vibes and unique networking experiences. It offers panels, debates, seminars, and workshops for the professional side of dance music, and some of the biggest names in electronic music to get you pumped during the night.
It is held at Marina Da Gloria, a breath-taking venue in Rio, and coincides with the Rio music carnival.

Average cost of attendance
: $30-$150 | Click here for more info!

Dubai Music Conference

Dubai Music Conference has featured specially selected DJs from around the world for the past 15 years. Held every year around February, Its objective is to obtain a platform for dance music to thrive in within the Middle East. Global dance music participants fraternize and spark creativity for two nights at the Marriot Hotel in Dubai.

Average cost of attendance
around $200 | Click here for more info!

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