Top Hip Hop Conferences to Attend


If you’re searching for the biggest Hip-Hop conferences that feature the most notorious music moguls in the music industry, then search no further.

These conferences can lead you on a successful path, while providing days of entertainment and an overall satisfying experience. Below is a list of the top Hip-Hop conferences to make it a priority to attend.



Widely recognized as “Hip-Hop’s family reunion,” A3C is a festival that has taken place for the past 12 years. It motivates and nurtures the influencers of hip-hop’s future through discovery, collaboration, and education. With over 1500 performances and over 75 shows and events, it is a congregation of hip-hop’s most successful, entrepreneurial music creators and executives who are more than willing to share their expertise with its eager attendants.

Cost of Attendance: $299-$499


Revolt Music Conference is a deviceful networking affair, where accredited and rising music producers, bloggers, executives, and songwriters converge to learn to be successful in the music business. The conference features icons such as Andre Harrell, who introduced musical talents P. Diddy, Mary J. Blige and Robin Thicke into the music world. RMC is a must for music lovers globally.

Cost of Attendance: $570-$1400

Coast 2 Coast Convention

Coast to Coast Convention is held in Miami amid hundreds of Indie artists for a weekend full of liveliness, music, and fun. It features performances from the hottest new artists in the country. Panelists embody the knowledge needed to navigate the current music industry as well as the future. Notorious for its VIP yacht party, C2C Convention is a must-attend event

Cost of Attendance: $100-$400

LAUNCH Music Conference

LAUNCH is held downtown in Lancaster, PA as a venue for musical engagement and discussion. The festival features around 200 artists from a variety of music genres, while the actual conference provides unique panels, seminars, parties and opportunities for musical advancement. For instance, LAUNCH has a panel called “Can You Handle the Truth” in which music bands submit their music and seasoned professionals judge it in front of a live audience (not unlike American idol). It provides spectacular opportunity for growth and good times.

Cost of Attendance: $20-$55

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