Top Music Conferences in 2017

Music conferences are a great way to not only learn on the latest happenings in the industry but also a great way to network as well. We’ve prepared a few blog posts that covers the best music conferences depending on the genre that you release music.

Here are our top music conferences in 2017!

sxsw 2017

Top Dance Music Conferences

If you’ve never attended a music conference, you’re missing out on exclusive opportunities to expand your knowledge of the dance music industry, as well as opportunities to experience the electrifying nightlife of each conference.

Top Hip Hop Conferences

If you’re searching for the biggest Hip-Hop conferences that feature the most notorious music moguls in the music industry, then search no further.

These conferences can lead you on a successful path, while providing days of entertainment and an overall satisfying experience.

Top Indie Music Conferences

For Indie artists looking to expand their music knowledge and create buzz around their brand, there are many benefits to attending the conferences listed below. From the countless opportunities to build quality relationships to the live performances and music exhibits, these conferences are a must-attend for this year.