Top Music Tips of March!

We love to provide our clients not only with the tools they need in order to get the most from their music, but also the latest tips on how the industry works.

From marketing to profile updates and more, here are the top music tips blog posts of March.

Enjoy and get your learn on!

70 Ways to Promote Your Music

Of all the pieces in the music industry, marketing tends to be the one thing that independent artists tend to struggle with the most. To help out we’ve come up with 70 ways to promote your music!

The Essential SXSW Guide: What To Bring, What To Wear, Expect and More!

If you’re a newbie to this mecca of an event, you’re probably wondering what you should pack and you’ve come to the right place to find out! This will be our fifth year attending the conference so you’re in go hands. Here’s our essential SXSW Guide! We’ve included everything from what to wear, what to bring, and who to see.

How To Get Verified on Social Media

When you’re representing yourself as an artist, you should want to make your brand as authentic as possible to stand out. If you are active on any social media channel, getting your profile verified will benefit you. When your profile is verified, you’ll receive a blue checkmark badge on your profile. A verified profile will help you to become a prominent figure. We’ve put together a quick guide on how to get verified on social media.

Top Five Things Record Labels Look For

So you’re a bit of a bad ass, huh? You’ve got the sound that’s waiting to be discovered and are ready for the big leagues. Just because you’ve got the sound doesn’t mean you’ve got the deal these days. Now you’re thinking to yourself, what do record labels look for when signing an artist? Here are the top five things record labels look for in an artist before giving them a deal.

La Industria de la Música 101: Cómo conseguir apoyo para tu música en blogs

¿Desea aumentar la probabilidad de que los blogs realmente abran su correo electrónico, haga clic en su música y potencialmente lo publique? Asegúrate de ver nuestro video de La Industria de la Música 101, en el cual charlamos de cómo conseguir apoyo para tu música en blogs.

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