Top SXSW Panels To Check Out!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are pumped to be attending SXSW in a few days! This is a great hub to learn about everything from marketing, record label management, touring, and licensing! If you’re still putting together your schedule and are unsure of which panels to attend, we’ve made it easy for you by putting together the top SXSW panels.

Here are the top SXSW panels you should check out!

Marketing //

  • You’re On: Marketing Into the Live Video Stream: We’re all broadcasters, now! After years of pushing on demand time-shifting, digital media mavens are pushing live video across all social platforms as the must-do channel. The allure is great.
  • Is Anyone Paying Attention to Your Content?: Digital advertising is becoming confusing. We produce and promote more content than ever, but are unsure of our ability to grab audience attention. Advertisers produce a variety of content, distribute it everywhere and use programmatic technology to target/re-target content. With content, media, and technology armament at their disposal, are advertisers getting their audiences’ attention? How do you define/measure attention?
  • Facebook and Instagram: A Tale of Two Feeds: Let us help. Facebook IQ will demystify the relationship between Facebook and Instagram by explaining how Millennials, parents and other people use the feeds and the needs each fulfills.

Record Label Management //

  • Hard Lessons from DIY Indie Record Label Owners: On this panel, indie label owners talk about the struggles and triumphs in an era when record sales are tanking, in a talk sure to enlighten artists, new label owners, and veteran music entrepreneurs.

Intermediate or Advanced Marketing //

  • 15,000-Year-Old Marketing Strategy: Why It Works: The advent of mass media silenced a 15,000-year-old marketing strategy when technology became the driving factor of marketing. It survived near extinction through literature, oral histories, and entertainment.
  • Staying Creative in an Ever Changing Landscape: Working as Creative Director of Resignation Media (theCHIVE, The Chivery, Buy Me Brunch, The Berry, CHIVE TV etc) has given me the insight in working in the space where community is king. Creating content is a major focus, but theCHIVE community is something that sets us apart.

Workshop //

  • Time Management for Musicians: You can keep time when you’re playing, but can you do it offstage? Just as time is the foundation of music, time management is the basis of organization — and every independent musician has got to be organized.

The Future of Music //

  • Spotify and The New Music Economy: Spotify’s chief strategy and content officer Stefan Blom will answer the toughest questions about how streaming is impacting artists. Spotify brings new fans to musicians, but many criticize its royalty structure.
  • How to Monetize Diverse Audiences Online: Our conversation will look at positive messaging, visual cues, and more to effectively communicate to different multicultural groups.

Touring //

  • Deep-Dive Live Streaming Workshop for Promoters: Trends and growth in live streaming, brand activations and case studies, technical and logistical implications, budget requirements, and methodologies for producing a successful live streaming event.
  • How & Why to Partner with Hospitality Brands:International hospitality brands have rapidly become major players in the music space, dominating festival sponsorships and offering unique and innovative partnerships to bands at all levels of notoriety.

Licensing //

  • The Evolution of Music Supervision:In this panel, we’ll dig deeper into music supervision to find out how the industry is evolving and what tools or strategies can be used or created to lead to more effective pitching and streamlined uses of music.
  • Help Brands Help You:As the music industry evolves from a label-centric to an entrepreneurial model, it’s crucial for artists to develop successful partnerships with brands that monetize and promote their art.
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