Traxsource Self Managed Charts and Artist Pages

Instantly publish DJ charts and artist page updates directly from the Traxsource Label System!

Traxsource announced that you will now be able to instantly publish DJ Charts and update both Artist and Label pages directly from their label system.

If you have a direct account, these functions are already available to you (if not, keep reading we also have news for you). You can perform the following functions for any artists or labels associated with your catalog:

  • Instantly publish DJ charts to Traxsource (no more waiting)
  • Update artist page bios and images
  • Update label page bios and logos

These functions are just the beginning of powerful new tools we will be rolling out to you, and if you don’t have a direct account don’t worry we’ve got you covered too. We will be opening up brand new “Entity” accounts designed to provide these functions for labels via distributors, management companies and finally artists themselves.

traxsource self managed charts and artist pages

Here is a breakdown of our timeline and phases of these powerful new tools:

PHASE 1 – Direct Access (Today) – Direct labels and distributors with existing labels system accounts.
PHASE 2 – Via Distributor Account (@ADE) – Distributors given power to open up label “sub-accounts” for labels they distribute.
PHASE 3 – Artist and Management entity accounts opened (TBC – Currently in beta testing) – Qualified artists, DJ’s and Management companies will be able to “claim” pages of artists they represent on Traxsource. We are currently in final stages of development and testing and hope to roll this out before end
of Q4.

If you have any questions, hit up