Vote for Label of the Year 2015!

It’s HERE!

Every year at Symphonic we love to recognize special clients who have gone above and beyond with the annual Symphonic Awards. It’s not an easy task trying to pick who will be in the running, especially with so much great music out there, but we’ve got a solid list to choose from! In addition, we nominate our top labels for the Label of the Year award.

Voting for Label of the Year begins December 7, 2015 and ends December 28, 2015! The winner, along with all of the other Symphonic Awards winners, will be announced on December 30 via our social networks and blog. We wish you the best of luck and look forward to taking 2016 full steam ahead!

Here are this year’s “Label of the Year” nominees:

Previous Winners //
2014 Label of the Year – Multikill Recordings
2013 Label of the Year – Gravitas Recordings
2012 Label of the Year – Elite Records
2011 Label of the Year – Heavy Artillery Recordings
2010 Label of the Year – Ultragore Recordings
2009 Label of the Year – Play Me Records

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