YouTube Monetization LIVE!

We are thrilled to announce that access has now been granted to Symphonic Distribution for us to be able to monetize and create finger prints of audiovisual content. This access, granted to YouTube partners approved within YouTube’s waiting list, enables us to monetize and claim videos on YouTube on behalf of Record Labels, Artists, and much more.

For our record labels with large catalogues, this presents a new method of making revenue on the brand and further ensures that if any individual uploads material that is not rightfully theirs, we as a partner of our clients can issue a takedown for that video to be eliminated or monetize the video and pay our clients for what is rightfully theirs.

In a basic gist, we claim videos on your channel, place ads if there are none, and then work diligently to find any possible matches of any videos you’ve uploaded, thus potentially increasing your revenue potential. We’ve claimed thousands of videos already, so don’t sleep!

For an explanation of what we can do, check out the video and for more regarding our service, to see how we compare, and to register click here!